Who we are

With love
Terri and Ed

Our name

I moved to Scottsdale Arizona from Australia with my 2 chihuahuas Coco and Narla in 2018.

We fostered a dog through a local rescue here and ended up adopting her.
”Joey” is still a loving part of our family.

We wanted to do more so we found ourselves at the west shelter here in Maricopa.

I cried the whole time as it was like nothing I had ever seen before.

There were hundreds of dogs that had been abandoned and were desperate to get out.

I had applied to volunteer there but unfortunately was turned away.

Within 3 days we had adopted both Hannah and Pearl.

Pearl was a 15 year old that was hours away from being euthanised due to her medical condition.

The 8 weeks that we hospice cared for her until it was her time was life changing for me.
Hannah was only 2 and we were so excited to have her as our own.

Unfortunately her health took a turn and she was diagnosed with ehrlichia.

We fought for 6 weeks to save her life with blood transfusions but she was too far gone and we lost her within weeks of Pearl.

For the next several months we went back to the shelter several times a week, handing out hotdogs to every single dog there, getting to know a lot of the dogs and volunteers at the time.

We were all desperate to save them and it was a time when we didn’t really know what we were doing nor did we have a lot of outlets.

We still managed to rescue many dogs although along the way we learnt many hard lessons and realised that not everyone is on your side.

In 2019 we decided to start our own rescue and dedicated it to our lost babies, Hannah and Pearl.

It’s been a very challenging few years trying to establish our rescue and find the right ways to succeed in not only rescuing but having the right support system around us.

We have now teamed up with some amazing rescue partners, volunteers, fosters, and supporters who believe in us and continue to support us and have helped us grow to where we are today.

They say in rescue it takes a village…
We are so thankful for ours as with their support we are continuously growing and that is enabling us to be able to rescue more lives ✨🐾